For Golf Courses


By continually building on our expertise and services, we’re able to act as trusted advisor on every project. Starting with system evaluations to preliminary designs, establishing cost effective budgets are the basis of a good design. Once budgets are approved, the final design and construction services take over to complete a successful project start to finish.



Phase 1: Site Study

The site study begins with a thorough examination and evaluation of a new site or the existing irrigation system as it relates to the present agronomic condition of the golf course. This determines the the design process. Recommendations, along with a preliminary budget will be presented.


The site study will provide a detailed evaluation of the following system components:

  • Power requirements

  • Pumping station and structures

  • Water source, quality, and alternatives

  • Sprinkler coverage and spacing

  • Hydraulics and piping

  • Control system and water windows



Phase 2: Design

When site parameters and budget considerations are clearly defined, the design process begins. A complete irrigation system is designed for the purpose of bidding and construction.

Preliminary Design:

The preliminary design will provide an irrigation layout representing color coverage plans, a mechanical irrigation plan, and detailed cost estimates. Key components of the preliminary design include:

  • Sprinkler head layout

    • Type of head spacing & effective coverage

  • Pipe routing

  • Pumping station

  • Equipment

    • Sprinkler heads & control system

Final Design:

The final design provides the construction documents formulated from owner review of the preliminary design. Mechanical, electrical, pump station, and detail sheets are provided and include the following:

  • Construction cost estimates

    • Project contractor cost

  • Electrical

    • Power and communication to field

  • Specification and bid forms

  • Pump house schematic (optional)

    • Sprinkler head layout

      • Model number and size

      • Programming to field

    • Controller

      • Piping and valving

      • Size and location

    • Pump station - detail

      • Inlet, Wet wells, & Pump pad

Review a Final Plan:

Phase 3: Bidding & Selection

The purpose of this phase is to assist in contractor selection for installation purposes. Our experience allows us to negotiate and provide the best product, the best contractor, and the best price.

Bidding and selection include:

  • Distribution of irrigation plans and specifications

  • Assistance in pre-bid meetings

  • Addenda

  • Assistance in evaluation of bid proposals and selection of contract

  • Recommendations and negotiations


Phase 4: Construction

The role of irrigation consultant is to turn the final design into a tangible process. This includes adapting to everything from architectural field changes to underground site condition changes.

The scope of the construction phase consists of the following:

  • Assistance in pre-construction conference

  • Assistance in procurement of material and pump station

  • Staking

  • Observations including change orders, installation techniques, system testing, and preliminary approval of pay estimates

Phase 5: As-Builts & Water Programming

The ability to record and formulate as-built drawings and to program the initial irrigation scheduling and programming become integral parts of the consultant’s role. The ultimate result is to provide the owner with accurate and thorough documentation and complete satisfaction.

Prepare record drawings and as-build documents to include:

  • Irrigation system specifics

  • Individual controller sheets

  • Mechanical, electrical, and combined as-builts

  • Program disk

  • Combined overall as-build drawing (color)

Prepare GPS record drawings to include:

  • Course layout

  • Irrigation system

  • Yardage marking plan

    • Feature square footage plan

Programming to include:

  • Initial Database Development

  • Hardware type and communication defined

  • Hydraulic System Configuration, based on actual piping structure

    • A computer generated hydraulic analysis shall be developed from the GPS Record Drawing

    • Map representation of site to include:

    • Sprinklers, Piping, Wire Splices, Isolation valves, Vegetation lines

      Electrical lines, Cart paths, Pump house, Maintenance facility

The First Tee of Lakeland Testimonial:

Your contribution to the irrigation design and golf course consultation has been an integral part of the development of this project. It has enabled us the opportunity to rebuild a facility where the youth of Lakeland will be able to enjoy learning the game of golf while reinforcing the core values that are the backbone of the First Tee program.
— Alice Slack Collins, ASC/SS/cgf at The First tee of Lakeland at YMCA Par 3